Rule #3: Never Forget Where You Come From

Sorry y’all, I know it’s been awhile. I have a good excuse though… I went home this past weekend to visit my family and close friends. And let me tell ya, it was amazin’. I know I complain about the three-hour drive from Athens to Statesboro (which I will refer to from now on as “the Boro”), but there seriously ain’t no better place to relax and unwind. I swear, the further south you go, the slower life is. Lemme just tell you a little about my trip, so sit down, grab a glass of sweet tea, and let’s talk.

Alright, so after I got all the way back to the Hopulikit (which is a small community where I live right outside of the Boro town), my mama had my favorite supper waitin’ for me when I got home: grilled steak, baked potatoes with all the fixin’s, and peaches. Y’all, it was simply amazin’. My mama’s and daddy’s hugs would have been more than enough for my welcome home gift, but, like always, she put on the dog and made the most delicious meal. After we blessed and ate supper, the rest of the evenin’ was spent on our back porch watchin’ our cats and dog play in the backyard, listenin’ to the sounds of an evenin’ summer, and, of course, talkin’ about all the juicy Boro gossip I missed while I was in Athens. (In case you’re wonderin’, someone we knew married his ex-wife’s sister. I’m not lyin’ to ya.)


As if that supper wasn’t enough, my mama and little sister drove me to my favorite place on earth: the Georgia coast. We spent the entire day on Tybee Island, Georgia. (Just so y’all know, that’s where the movie “The Last Song” was filmed.) I did absolutely nothin’ all day but ride the waves, work on my much needed tan, eat some bo’led peanuts, and sip on a few cold ones. The sun was shinin’ and the breeze was blowin’. Now, of course, the beach is the only place where I don’t worry about what my hair’s doin’. This is truly what bein’ a southern belle is all about y’all… Feelin’ blessed for the little things while wearin’ your pearls and drinkin’ your tea.


After I reached my lobster red skin color, we headed on back to the Boro. Later that night, I got to see many of my close friends from high school. I know I’m talkin’ y’all’s ears off all the time about how great it is to be a Dawg, and it is, but y’all gotta remember where this sense of football/school pride was instilled in me…

See, back before I brought my southern belle class to the Classic City, I was a proud little Blue Devil from Statesboro High School. My pearls were still worn everyday, my mama and daddy were still the center of my heart, but I cheered louder on Friday nights than Saturday nights down at Womack Field for my then-favorite football team.  Y’all, I can still remember cryin’ at Waffle House after our team lost in the third round of the state football playoffs, just like I cried after the Dawgs lost to LSU in the SEC Championship game this past year. I guess some things never change.


As I was fixin’ to leave my house after church on Sunday, I realized that this was the first time since my freshman year of college that I really didn’t want to go back. Y’all, I love my family, friends, and pets so much. They made me the pearl-wearin’, tea-sippin’, yes-ma’amin’ southern belle I am today. 

Thank the Lawd I was raised in the south.

Happy reminiscin’, y’all!

You can take the southern belle out of south Georgia, but you can never take the south Georgia out of the southern belle.