1. Belle’s Best: Hubee D’s

Alright, y’all… Here’s the first of a long list of some of my favorite things, whether they may be restaurants, shops, brands, charities, books, etc.

Hubee D’s


If y’all thought Zaxby’s, Cane’s, or Skogie’s was good, wait til y’all take a bite of their buttermilk fried tenders, cornbread, fries, or better yet, their FREE boiled peanuts that you can eat to your heart’s desire while you wait for your food!

It originated in South Carolina, but praise the Lawd they brought one to Athens! Everyone I know loves it now, from the entire UGA football team to my closest belles.

I highly recommend their chicken finger basket with their cornbread and fries, a glass of their sweet tea or a Diet Coke, and y’all just HAVE to try their house sauce. Seriously, y’all! If you need somethin’ on the lighter side to fit into your deb dress, get the Goat Island Delight Salad. Their grilled tenders alongside some cranberries, almonds, and goat cheese all on top of a bed of fresh greens is the perfect light solution. Just grab ya some unsweetened tea and mix it with some artificial sweetener, and you’ll be well on your way to Scarlett’s waistline without sacrificin’ good southern cookin’ that’ll make your mama jealous!

Happy eatin’, y’all!

Hubee D’s is located at 1591 South Lumpkin Street in Athens, Georgia. Follow them on Twitter by clicking here!