Famous in a Small Town by Miranda Lambert

This song describes my hometown of Statesboro, Georgia perfectly, y’all. Everyone knows your mama and daddy, where you go to school and church, and they ALWAYS know your business – sometimes before you do! (Other small town natives know what I’m talkin’ about here.)

I think the part that resonates with me the most is the first verse where she talk about cheerin’ at your high school football games make you just about as famous (if not more) in your hometown than winnin’ a Grammy. I can remember this one time goin’ into the Statesboro WalMart to grab somethin’ for my mama, and some little girl came up to me, gave me a hug, and called me by my name. I wasn’t sure who she was, but she told me that she watched me cheer every Friday night and wanted to be a cheerleader one day herself. It was just too precious, y’all.

While I’m happy I don’t live in the Statesboro fish bowl anymore, I do kinda miss times like those every once in awhile.

Happy small town gossipin’, y’all!


Don’t Forget to Remember Me by Carrie Underwood

This is one of my favorites y’all, and not just because it’s Carrie singin’ it. I’ve been missin’ my mama lately, so this song always reminds me that she’s just a phone call away. Havin’ my mama tell me for the millionth time, “You’re a strong, smart, beautiful young lady,” always gives me just the boost I need to get through my rough week.

Call your mamas, y’all, and tell her you love her.

Time is Love by Josh Turner

Y’all, there is just one song that I have been listenin’ and singin’ along to nonstop lately. Time is Love by Josh Turner and his lovely deep southern voice has to be the sweetest, most precious song I’ve heard in a good while. All y’all southern belles need to find a man who will treat you like sweet Josh treats his lady in this song…

Happy singin’ along, y’all!

Georgia Peaches by Lauren Alaina

In case y’all are still wonderin’ what this site and southern belles are all about, I’ve decided to let precious Lauren Alaina explain it a little more. Here’s some important points y’all better be fixin’ to take away from this song:

  1. Be as sweet as your mama’s tea.
  2. Wear your short shorts when you’re in the summer heat, but don’t be lookin’ like a hooch, y’all.
  3. Show some of that famous southern hospitality to everyone y’all meet.
  4. If y’all haven’t ever listened to country music, bless your hearts. Start with some Alan Jackson and Jason Aldean. (We’ll learn more about southern hymns later.)
  5. Y’all can’t be afraid of a little dirt. A lot of southern belles grew up on dirt roads.
  6. Y’all can’t be runnin’ late for church, now.
  7. Don’t be cursin’. The only time this is somewhat appropriate is when a Georgia Southern football coach leaves/gets fired, another Georgia player is arrested and kicked off the team, or Tech’s 2009 ACC Championship loss is brought up.
  8. If y’all don’t have a ring on your left hand yet, dance and flirt your little hearts out.
  9. Other than wearin’ short shorts and sippin’ on sweet tea and lemonade, the best way to stay cool in the southern heat is by jumpin’ in the swimmin’ hole.