My Opinion on the 2013 ACM Winners


In my opinion, Carrie Underwood did not get a single ounce of justice that she deserved for all of her talent and hard work she exemplified this past year. I’ve lost a lot of respect for the ACM’s as a result.

Alright y’all, I just have to vent a little. If you’re a country music fan like me, you know that Miranda Lambert and Luke Bryan were the big winners last night at the Academy of Country Music awards. I love both of them to death, and I totally agree that they deserved most of their awards. Key word: MOST.

Luke took home the big-time award of Entertainer of the Year. Y’all, I couldn’t be more proud, especially since he’s Georgia Southern University’s most famous alumnus. Any southern lady would agree with me that he can shake it for us any time, any day, any place! When I go see a country music performance by a male artist, he is EXACTLY who I want to be looking at and listening to, which is why I think he deserved this high honor. However, there are some out there who believe that Entertainer of the Year should go to the artist who has done an outstanding job the past year promoting country music and raising awareness about the genre and its artists. If this is the case for you, then I think Luke’s co-host for the ACM’s, Blake Shelton, should have taken home the trophy due to his time on The Voice. He not only shared the beauty of country music with viewers through his own performances on the show, but he also attracted more country artist contestants. Either way, I’m just happy that Taylor Swift didn’t walk out of Vegas with it. Sorry, y’all, if you’re a fan, but we all know she doesn’t even sing country anymore!

As for Male Vocalist of the Year, I could have honestly seen any one of these guys walking home with it. I do wish that Zac Brown would have at least been nominated, though. Come on, ACM’s! That man has one of the most beautiful voices out of any male vocalist in any music genre out there!

Now don’t even get me started about the Female Vocalist of the Year, y’all. I understand that you had to have some major singles the past year (which is why I didn’t think Martina McBride or Kacey Musgraves stood a chance), but they have to have a somewhat impressive vocal range. (I still can’t believe Ms. Swift has won this before.) Carrie Underwood was more than deserving of this title. I swear, those that voted on these awards must have not have heard her latest album Blown Away, and I have no idea why. This girl can literally sing anything and sing it better than anyone else! Ms. Underwood definitely didn’t get the recognition she deserved last night, and this is just Exhibit A.

Now on to the award that almost any two people who sing country music together can be nominated for: Vocal Duo of the Year. I actually completely agree with this one. Big & Rich and Sugarland barely had any major singles nor records released this past year, but of course made the list since they’re one of the few duos. Florida Georgia Line and Love & Theft have made a huge splash into the pool of country music this year but still aren’t quite as well known. Thompson Square just straight rocked it out these past twelve months. Props to y’all. Keep the love and country music comin’! (In case y’all didn’t know, Kelfer and Shawna who make up Thompson Square are married – how adorable is that, y’all?)

I originally though Vocal Group of the Year was gonna be a close call between the Zac Brown Band and The Band Perry, but neither were called onto the stage! Little Big Town went home with the metal. They’ve been around for some time now, so I expect them to be bigger and better than the rest. Now The Band Perry may have only gotten a bunch of attention the past couple of months, but the Zac Brown Band has been killin’ it year-round! The craziness got so real for me at this point last night, y’all. I was fumin’.

Then we had the New Artist of the Year announced. Once again, Florida Georgia Line was nominated, and once again, I was unhappy with this announcement of them winnin’. Like The Band Perry, they’ve only been rockin’ it out these past couple of months, whereas Brantley Gilbert has been blowin’ up my radio for months. At this point, I seriously considered writin’ whoever is in charge of the ACM’s and tellin’ them that they need to change the last part of the award titles from “…of the Year” to “…of the Past Couple Months.”

Then I really got riled up when Album of the Year went to Chief by Eric Church. Oh. My. Heavens. Seriously, y’all? I know I’m biased towards Carrie, but her Blown Away album was by far the best country album produced in the past decade. The lyrics are beautifully crafted. The vocals are obviously better than any artist who’s ever sung anything ever. The theme carried out in the songs, beats, graphics and photography would impress any graphic artist. Now I’ll admit that Luke Bryan’s Tailgates & Tanlines album was awesome, but it wasn’t much different than what he’s done in the past. Swift’s Red doesn’t have a single country song on it, so I’m offended that it was even nominated. I’m not sure if anyone bought Little Big Town’s Tornado, other than possibly illegally downloading a song or two. Chief had a few good songs, but Blown Away‘s title alone signifies what everyone’s who’s capable of hearing reaction was when they heard it. I’m “blown away” that she didn’t get this award.

Y’all depressed yet? Don’t worry. Song of the Year and Single Record of the Year both went to Miranda Lambert’s Over You, which I completely agree with. The song/single alone was beautiful, and the story behind it was even more so. Alright, so maybe my reaction wasn’t depressing, but I guess the song itself technically is… Sorry, y’all.

I know I’m not the most competent judge/voter for the Songwriter of the Year category, but just to reinforce the fact that I’m obsessed with Carrie, I’ll go ahead and disagree with the award goin’ to Dallas Davidson and say that it should have gone to Luke Laird, who helped write several songs for Ms. Underwood’s latest album, including the title track Blown Away.

To keep the negativity goin’ at this point (y’all may want to go grab some sweet tea to help drown your sorrows), why on earth was Swift’s We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together video nominated? Once again, no country music was involved, and, most importantly, why was this song even taken seriously? She’s 22 years old, not 13. I’ll admit that Little Big Town’s Tornado was the most deserving out of all the nominees, but, as it seems to be the recurring theme throughout the night, why wasn’t Carrie on this list? Y’all need to take a look at her videos off her Blown Away album if you haven’t already. One of these should have won or AT LEAST been nominated.

I’ll leave y’all on a positive note since I feel bad for bringin’ y’all’s moods down. The Vocal Event of the Year went to Jason Aldean’s, Luke Bryan’s and Eric Church’s collaboration on the song The Only Way I Know. Some of country’s best looking men on the same stage rockin’ and shakin’ their things along while singin’ with their lovely voices? Count me in, y’all!