Rule #7: Know Your Football

This is rule is so important, y’all, especially with football season right around the corner. A lot of women around the country think that knowin’ all about football is a man’s job. Wrong, y’all. As a southern belle, you should be able to have a full blown conversation about football with Vince Dooley himself. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to get as rowdy as Steve Spurrier when you’re arguin’ over your favorite teams; you should always conduct these types of conversations like the lady that your mama raised you to be, but stand your ground like your daddy.

So y’all may be askin’ yourselves what exactly you need to know about football to make yourself a southern belle. Here’s a short list:

  • Know the different positions on offense and defense and what their job is.
  • Know who your team’s players are and what position they play.
  • Know who the coaches are.
  • Know who your college teams’ top recruits are and what teams the recruits are considerin’.
  • ALWAYS tailgate for and watch their games, even if you can’t go. If you’re too much of a rookie to be able to analyze ’em, watch some Sports Center and listen to all the broadcasters to get a better idea of how they played.
  • Know all the cheers! “Gooooooo Dawgs! Sic ’em!” “Goooooooo Blue! One more time!” “I’m a helluva engineer!”
  • And most importantly, know how the game is played, including all the terms that you need to know (i.e. touchdown, punt, sack, etc.)

Here’s a useful site to help y’all get started:

Happy football season, y’all! And Go Dawgs/Jackets/Eagles!



^^^Story of my life, y’all!^^^


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