Rule #5: Big Hair

Big Hair, Don’t Care You Better Care!!!!

I’ve always told people, “Never mess with my family, my friends, or my hair.” That’s because a southern belle’s hair is almost as important as football down here. Now I’m not sayin’ you have to go 80’s country music star/pageant queen on me, but y’all don’t need to be lookin’ like a European woman who gets her hair cut maybe twice a year and lets it just lay flat on her head every day in between.

How do you get those luscious locks like those on the heads of Carrie Underwood, Robin Meade, and the current Miss Georgia? One word y’all: FreezIt. It’s that gold/copper colored aerosol can y’all see those crazy pageant moms suffocating their toddlers with. I’m not sayin’ you have to use an entire can in one sittin’ like they do, but make sure you use enough that your hair can withstand the south’s humidity.

Here’s another big hair secret of mine: use a straightener to curl your hair. All you have to do is place the straightener on an angle as you pull through. A curlin’ iron and your mama’s curlers that she wears to bed will give you ringlets that were cute when y’all were 5 years old, but you want somethin’ a little more grown up now like the styles shown on some of my hair idols below.

1. Carrie Underwood hair: A southern belle’s dream. Actually, everyone’s dream. I’m not for certain, but I’m purty sure any hair stylist out there would bow in the presence of her hair. I know I would, y’all. It’s just that perfect. This is what I strive for everyday, except for today, because I ran out of FreezIt. 😦

2. Miss Georgia hair: Y’all don’t have to have long hair to get the southern look! I absolutely love Miss Georgia 2009’s, Emily Cook’s, short and sassy cut. I know this southern belle personally, and lemme tell you, she’s just as smart as this cut makes her look! Whether you have long or short hair, the keyword (other than “FreezIt”) is “layers.”

3. Robin Meade hair: Not too big, not too small, and not too much FreezIt. This is easy enough to fix every mornin’ before you take the young’un’s to school, but purty enough to wear to a Sunday-go-to-meetin’ dress type event. If she can get up before 6 a.m. and still do this, y’all can too. No excuses, y’all. (Disclaimer: Robin Meade was born in Ohio, so she’s not southern by birth, but she did release a country music album last year. She also now lives in Atlanta and is just as sweet as she can be , so I think we can consider her a southern belle by association.)

Happy combin’, sprayin’, and stylin’, y’all!


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